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Porter Cable Nuts - compatible nuts for Porter-Cable Routers

(compatible with Porter-Cable 690, 690LR, 9690LR, 691, 693, 890, 891, 892, 893, 7518, 7519, 7536, 7537, 7538, 7539 routers)


  • Used in applications where speeds exceed 10,000 PRM
  • H.R.C. 45-52
  • Balanced to 24,000 RPM @ G2.5
  • TIR (with PC collet) < 0.005 mm (0.0002")
  • must be used with InGraph PCPG nuts and spanner
  • Country of Origin - USA


  • Improved collet centering and tool shank clamping
  • Low noise operation
  • Longer tool life
  • More accurate cutting and higher kerf fidelity
  • Compatible with carbide microtools
  • Low TIR means less wear and tear on spindle bearings
Porter-Cable Collet Nuts
Item#Sort up Description ER Type Thread Net Price Ent. Qty
PCPG-0429-NUT Collet nut for Porter-Cable collets TIR < 0.005 - 21.95€ --
PCPG-0429-SPN Spanner wrench (for PCPG-0429-NUT collet nut) - - 13.15€ --
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