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PCB Catalog
Laminating machines for Printed Circuit Boards:
  • Roll laminators for PCB Dry-films, Sheet Laminators for PCB
Photosensitive Dry-films for PCB production & prototyping:
  • Dry-film Photoresist & Dry-film Soldermask
End Mills & Drill Bits for PCB production:
  • Mechanical Etching Bits, Contour Router Bits, Drill Bits, Countersink Bits
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PCB Dry Films and Consumables - Photoresist and Soldermask

Dry Film Photoresist DF940

Dry Film Photoresist DF940
Photoresists Films for PCB:

Dry Film Photoresist DF940
Negative, 40 micron thick (1.5mils)

Dry Film Soldermask DF975

Dry Film Soldermask DF975
Soldermasks Films for PCB:

Dry Film Soldermask DF975
Negative, 75 micron thick (3.0mils)
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